Our Approach

The HCI centre is based on a people-centred perspective on interaction and technology: it attempts to understand and create the future that we will digitally interact with.

In order to achieve this, we undertake three things:

Fundamental Science

HCI needs to understand how people interact with new technologies and how they change social structures, so it has to develop fundamental theories and experiments that have application and impact in psychology, ergonomics, economics, design and creativity as well as in HCI.

Design & Evaluation

There is a need to understand more about how to support and enhance creativity, to move towards more repeatable design successes, and to develop tools and techniques for evaluating the direct impact of systems and their wider social, economic, political and ethical effects.

Development & Deployment

For some technological interventions, the boundary between research and development is non-existent, since only by creating technologies and systems and observing them being used do you understand the issues involved. The social and economic impact of interventions often becomes apparent only after some time.

Our Expertise

The centre undertakes HCI research in the following fields: