The Human-Computer Interaction Centre is based at the University of Birmingham in the UK. We focus on a people-centred perspective on interaction and technology: it leads the development of our understanding on how people interact with technologies, and how one transforms the other.

We are currently engaged in a range of projects: examples range from social networking to touchtable interactions with cultural heritage; mobile learning to affective computing; data visualisation to children's attitudes to energy.


News and Events


  1. 25 May
    @HCIBham at CHI'17

    Find out more about what team @HCIBham got up to in Denver this year at the 2017 CHI Conference.
    Please see our CHI 2017 page

  2. 19 Feb

    In our research into better ways of managing information, we are looking for volunteers to help us with a study into how people manage their "digital stuff" such as emails, documents, reference materials, music and photographs. Can you help us by telling us about the strategies you use?
    Please see the survey site

  3. 05 Feb

    We're investigating how to support people to be more physically active using technology. We know it's hard to change your behaviour, so we have devised some straightforward tools that help you form manageable goals that work for you. We'd be delighted if you'd help us test them.
    Please see the experiment site